Should CIG hold a community-wide meeting every 2 years?

An NSF visiting committee recently suggested that CIG should consider holding a community-wide meeting, in lieu of the current array of domain-specific meetings. Similar community-wide meetings are held by other organizations, such as IRIS, COMPRES, UNAVCO, and EarthScope.   We would like to hear the thoughts of the CIG community on this idea.  Most likely we would hold such a meeting every other year, alternating with years in which we hold smaller, domain-specific meetings. To maximize the impact, the community-wide meeting might consist of 2-3 days of plenary sessions, bracketed by topical tutorials, so that everyone could attend for a few days and then optionally add on a day or two of tutorials.  The NSF visiting committee felt strongly that such a meeting would build community and would seed collaboration and learning between different domains in CIG.

Should CIG hold an all-hands meeting? If so, how should it be structured and how often should it be held?