Impressions and numbers from the Aspect Hackathon

Here’s what happens when more than 20 scientist user-developers get together for 9 days of intensive coding at an isolated location:

  • Approximately 300 commits merged into Aspect
  • 6706 lines of code added
  • More than 120 pull requests merged
  • Approximately 45 issues opened, with many then closed again following some of the commits.
  • Lots of learning, new collaborations, and new friendships

Most impressive was the amount of learning that went on. Anyone who teaches knows that one of the most effective ways to learn new material is to teach it to someone else, and that happened a lot over the 9 days of intense work. Most of the participants were graduate, students or postdocs, and they take that new knowledge back home with them. Thanks to Bodega Marine Laboratory for providing us a great working and living environment that was just isolated enough.

Which other CIG codes would benefit from a hackathon type approach?