CIG’16: Tutorials, workshop, more tutorials, and hackathon!

Greetings from the Aspect hackathon, where 22 scientists, mostly early career, are spendingĀ a week of intense development on this software package.

The hackathon completesĀ up CIG’16, two weeks of diverse activities for the Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics. Here at HQ we are grateful to all the speakers, panelists, poster presenters, organizers, tutorial instructors, planning committee, and attendees, for making the meeting such a success. I’m personally grateful to the outstanding CIG staff for their hard work on this complex collection of events. There was a lot of conversation and collaboration between new friends and colleagues and those who have known each other for decades. This was a great wrap up for CIG-II and a launch of CIG-III. I look forward to continuing to work with all of you as we go forward.

Louise Kellogg

Director, CIG